Important Pieces of a Task-Oriented Web Design for Utility Districts and Electric Cooperatives

Site visitors may go to a website for any variety of reasons; including for entertainment, for information, or to buy something among other things. Our trusted web experts have found that visitors to a utility website are generally going there for a specific reason. They are looking for certain information or want to complete a specific task. For that reason, we develop task-oriented websites with task-oriented visitors in mind.

We design each site in a way that will help you to give your consumer-members what they want. Through focus groups, member feedback and heat map analysis we’ve done, we’ve learned what visitors to utility websites want.

We’ve found that the number one reason they visit the site is to pay bills and have access to account information. Finding a way to get in touch with their utility company is another concern. Our team took this feedback, and more into consideration with the sole purpose of bringing a memorable web experience to your visitor.

We also suggest a search bar on the top menu. This allows your site visitor to quickly search for for what they’re looking for. Endlessly clicking through a website is an easy way to ruin an online experience. Although we’ve identified a couple of things that most utility website users are interested in, we know there are more differences than similarities from one electric cooperative or utility district to the next. This is where our call-to-action buttons on the home page come in handy. These buttons are links to important or frequently sought-after pages that appear “above the fold” so that they are visitors’ screens without having to scroll down. Our design team is happy to make suggestions on what should be there, but this is also an opportunity for you to showcase what you would like to.

All information on a website is valuable, but to task-oriented visitors all information might not be as important. For this reason, we try to put those top tasks and that information in the forefront to help make the user experience a memorable one.