List Your Job Openings at Your Utility to Attract Talent and Engage Visitors

Being able to advertise job openings on your website is one of the many capabilities our collection of signature web apps enables. The Jobs Web App makes it easy to post openings, giving you all the tools you’ll need. Here is your head start for when your electric cooperative or utility organization needs to fill a position. Who knows, maybe your next employee will be one of your customers who regularly visits your site!

Benefits of our Jobs Apps

  • All our signature web apps have an intuitive graphical user interface that’s easy to follow, allowing non-technical employees to use
  • Fields are labeled and can be pre-set to make updating and maintaining information a breeze
  • You can post openings directly on your website, without the cumbersome need to link to third party platforms
  • Fully responsive and easy to use on mobile devices, tablets and desktops
  • Job postings follow accessibility best practices so no one is discriminated against
  • Software support from the team who created the product
  • Easy to search for visitors

Visibility & Description

The job listing’s visibility lets you set the post date for the job, when it closes, and the stats of the search. This provides visitors a quick snapshot to know whether they should still apply. For the description, you can provide as many details as you like, and even link to relevant media files to supplement or add information as needed.

Location & Benefits

Let applicants know the address of where they’ll be working, or whether it is work from home. You also have the optional ability to list benefits if offered. Sections like benefits have expanded functionality with the use of our text editor, allowing you to add media, forms, tables, and other abilities similar to Microsoft Word.

Qualifications & Special Requirements

Like benefits, these sections are optional too, but it is a good idea to make your job postings as robust and informative as possible. Consider using bulleted lists rather than large blocks of text that can sometimes be overwhelming when a lot of information is listed.

Related Links & Documents

Upload PDFs, flyers, images, or other useful files to your media library and then upload them to your job posting to help give a fuller picture or provide additional information. Related links are often valuable resources or information, such as safety protocols or governmental regulations that are useful to know when getting into specific kind of work.

Employment Application

If your visitor is ready to apply, a simple click will take them to your employment application, embedded right on the web page. Our forms are highly customizable, with the ability to pre-set fields, make certain fields required, and even use conditional logic based on applicant input. Once they submit their application, they will receive a custom confirmation message thanking them for applying, and any email addresses you list will immediately be notified.


All our apps, pages and forms can have their font size increased for those visually impaired and are designed with appropriate color contrast for readability. And content can be translated into any language with a high degree of accuracy for visitors whose first language is not English, ensuring no one who wants to apply but can’t read the information is inadvertently discouraged.

Remarkably Effective

Using our Jobs app gives you a powerful and easy to use tool to attract qualified candidates, all while never leaving your website. We’re sure you’ll love it after you give it a try!