Prepare for Visualization – Ready to Reimagine Your Utility’s Web Content?

Imagine looking at a page on your utility website with one large paragraph of 300 words. Now imagine that same content but with icons and graphic visuals that catch the eye along with headings and bulleted lists. This is how pages on your utility’s website can look with content visualization. It will capture your site visitor’s attention and make the information easy to read through.

Our team of trusted web experts will take your content and portray the information in a visualized way. This can incorporate icons, images, and graphics to add some visual interest to the page. Sections can be outlined and utilize various colors to help convey information. Bulleted lists can use graphic elements instead. Visualizing your content also includes the layout and flow of the page. This will guide the site visitor’s eye to direct them to what information they should look at as they view the page. All this helps them to process the information better.

How Can You Prepare Your Content for Visualization?

Our team can take a wall of words and create a visualized page. But if you are looking for a more collaborative process, there are several ways to help prep your content.

Get to the Important Info

Start off with reading through your content and try to remove the “fluff”. People are coming to the site to get relevant information. They don’t want to read through 100 unnecessary words that aren’t telling them what they need to know. Try to get the info down to the important items.

Headings & Bulleted Lists

After that, organize the content into relevant sections. Break these out with headers that convey what the following information will be about. Take it the next step further by breaking out the paragraph into a bulleted list where possible. This helps site visitors scan information quickly. This will also help you figure out what is the “bare-bones” necessary info to convey.

The order of your content is also an important aspect. No one wants to scroll down to the bottom of the page before getting the important information. Make sure that information is at the top of the page.

Mood & Feel

Perhaps you have a vision for what you’d like a page to look like. This could mean certain icons that portray the feel of the page you’d like to incorporate. Feel free to let us know what you’d like included. Or even what you want the feel of a page to be, such as warm, inviting, innovative, or modern.

This could also include pages or infographics you’ve seen elsewhere that capture what you’d like a certain page of yours to look like. You can look through other sites or even PDFs with illustrations or diagrams. These could all serve as inspiration for your visualized content.

Which Pages to Visualize

You want to pick pages that your site visitors are actually going to. Our team can help by looking at your analytics if you have any, to determine what your top pages are. While this doesn’t mean all those top pages are ideal candidates for visualization, it does help narrow down which pages could benefit from it. Choosing some pages from all the different sections of your site can provide a good variety.

You also want to make sure to pick pages that won’t change too often. Content edits can always be made, but the general layout and design of the page would be harder to adjust on a continuous basis.

Visualize Your Content

Content visualization creates a memorable online experience for your site visitors. They can set you apart from other sites with beautiful and unique pages.